How EU and US interaction design are different

“This presentation aims to identify and explain differences (and similarities) between how interaction design is practiced in the US and Europe. While Europeans have a rich depth of shared cultural references to draw upon amongst narrow groups, Americans tend to share broader, yet more fleeting, contemporary popular references. Shared references shape how mental models are formed, therefore these differences have an effect on how we create and communicate, ultimately influencing the design process as a whole.” ~ Courtesy of IxDA

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A message to all ECUX members

This message is send to all members of the conversation network of the ECUX (ECUX at NING).

Two years has past since we established the NING website ( and began to invite people to join.

In the beginning, our plan was to establish a membership organisation for people who study and work with IA and UX in an European context. We have spend a lot of time talking bylaws, fees and membership benefits, planning for the legal and practical formation of such organisation. But we ended up asking ourselves if the world actually needed yet another membership organisation – or if we really just needed a single place to go to seek and share information, experiences and knowledge about IA and UX in a specific European context.

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Twitter account

The European centre for user experience now also has an account on Twitter: @ECforUX. Please follow.

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US UX versus EU UX: What’s the difference?

In response to questions from Amy Knox regarding US.UX and EU.UX, Søren Muus (creative director at FatDUX and co-initiator of ECUX) recently posted on the mail list of the Information Architecture Institute some interesting ideas in this matter. We are happy to republish his piece, because we find it food for debate.

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Official announcement of the ECUX

During the so-called ’5 minutes madness’ at the EuroIA 2010 conference, Søren Muus (FatDUX) made the announcement of the inception of the European centre for user experience. Very soon, all the necessary paperwork will be finalized so a legal entity can be established.

The initiators of the EuroIA/UX network initiative (who were present at the EuroIA 2010 conference) Judith Ponya, Sylvain Cottong, Søren Muus, Adrea Resmini and Peter Bogaards decided to move forward.

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First post of the ECUX

Guess this is the online inception of the centre for user experience (design) in Europe (acro: ECUX). Lots more to come, hopefully.

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