A message to all ECUX members

This message is send to all members of the conversation network of the ECUX (ECUX at NING).

Two years has past since we established the NING website (EuroIAnet.ning.com/) and began to invite people to join.

In the beginning, our plan was to establish a membership organisation for people who study and work with IA and UX in an European context. We have spend a lot of time talking bylaws, fees and membership benefits, planning for the legal and practical formation of such organisation. But we ended up asking ourselves if the world actually needed yet another membership organisation – or if we really just needed a single place to go to seek and share information, experiences and knowledge about IA and UX in a specific European context.

This lead us to the conclusion that we should form a centre instead, gather a few handfuls of designated capacities, respected within their fields of expertise of either research, education or practice. And have them run a platform dedicated to user experience (design) in Europe, to the benefit of anyone interested.

Thus, at the sixth European IA conference in Paris, we announced the founding of what will now be known as the “European centre for user experience”. And the legal formation of this entity is in process as you read this.

What is ‘European’ UX?

There isn’t really a certain European flavour of UX. But there’s a whole continent filled with constraints, exceptions and possibilities in relation to legal, political, educational, historical, lingual, practical and cultural issues which has an impact on user experience in almost any European context. And we thought (and still think) that we could all benefit from having a specific European approach to all of this, and not just a national or an international.

We want to establish a centre to promote and support the continuing development of expertise related to user experience in Europe: by facilitating and improving communication between practitioners, researchers and educators. By promoting events, initiatives and publications. By validating, acknowledging and recommending other initiatives related to user experience in an European context. And by providing the legal and formal basis for the interests of a European user experience community.

A place where we can share our thoughts across the continent. Where English is the second language to most of us, making us equally handicapped linguistically. And where we can benefit from our common background, present and future despite our many differences.

So, what’s the plan?

Stay on this platform. We will merge the content into one site; ecux.org, and new features will be added. We will keep you informed as things progress. Before the end of this year, the formalities are in place. And from the beginning of the next year, we hope to be able to offer you all of this in mention, and much more. Thank you for your patience and for being part of this initiative.

Judit Ponya (Hungary), Andrea Resmini (Italy), Peter Bogaards (The Nederlands), Joannes Vandermeulen (Belgium), Sylvain Cottong (Luxemburg), Jan Jursa (Germany) and Søren Muus (Denmark).

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